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How I Read 6 Books in January January 31, 2015

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I love to read, and there was a time when I would read six books in a week, purely because it consumed my very being. That time was high school, when I didn’t work, I had little responsibilities, and homework was for the weak (or for the worried by lava lamp at 3am when I finished reading my book).


I’ve always read, and then suddenly stopped when I hit college and was introduced to a computer screen. Computer started to take over my life and reading was a long forgotten memory. I picked it up again for about a year (when I took a bus everywhere) and then again forgot about it.

Last year I decided to change that. Last year I read 44 books and that still wasn’t enough; however, with a full-time job, school, and other responsibilities it was harder to find the time.


This year my goal is at least 52 books (one per week) if not more.

Currently I’m ahead of schedule, and I’m so thrilled! I have read six books this month:

  • Fractured Fairy Tales (anthology) – 01/04/2015
  • A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore – 01/08/2015
  • Fool by Christopher Moore – 01/14/2015
  • The Cat Who Saw Read by Lilian Jackson Braun – 01/16/2015
  • Being Buddha at Work by Franz Metclaf – 01/30/2015
  • Skinwalker by Faith Hunter – 01/31/2015

The first book was pretty sure, and I was on vacation, so I was able to finish it pretty easily. The second book was just amazing and I got a good chunk of it done on my vacation, but finished it on my lunch breaks.

The third book I introduced audiobooks to the mix, because with working it’s difficult to find the time to read. I would listen whenever I got the chance, but it took me a bit longer. I tend to read faster than the voice actors speak, but honestly I enjoyed listening to this voice actor.

Being Buddha was also an audiobook that I listened to when I couldn’t read, and at the same time I was reading Skinwalker when I could sit and focus on reading. Most of my day free time Friday and Saturday were determined on finishing Skinwalker (IT WAS SO GOOD!)

Basically, I mixed it up. I kept it entertaining and made sure that I had some short books and long books intermixed. Granted, nothing was over 400 pages, so nothing was TOO long, but The Cat Who and Being Buddha were both 250 or fewer pages.


If you don’t use audiobooks I highly recommend it. A friend of mine, Denise, has a great post on the 9 Benefits of Audiobooks, check it out. A lot of the points she makes stands, though I have noticed that my particular library isn’t as well stocked with audiobooks that I want to read, so I tend to use a lot more. Also, I think it adds something to the book sometimes, like Fool I wouldn’t have been able to read without the audiobooks, and my best friend just finished reading It by Stephen King and LOVES the voice actor for that one (she says the voices make it super creepy).

Keep on reading! What books have you been reading lately?


2 Responses to “How I Read 6 Books in January”

  1. ddrespling Says:

    Thanks for mentioning me! 🙂 Did you check to see if you library has access to OneClickdigital or OverDrive? Usually, you can get the link from the library web site and you sign in using your library card number. I’d look into that because there are a ton of books available through those services and that;s where I get most of mine. Plus, they do ebooks, too!

    • Nikki Says:

      I have OverDrive, but so far it doesn’t have a lot of options. OneClickDigital doesn’t have my local library, when I asked they said some of the smaller locations only use one, not both.

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